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Chuck Berry – After School Session

I grew up listening to olden days blues, rock ‘n’ roll and R&B, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters. My dad’s record collection included LPs and singles from the late fifties and early sixties and that was my food and drink for most of my childhood. I must have listened to After School […]

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The Blockheads: Beyond the Call of Dury

The greatest British band ever, The Blockheads, are the subject of a documentary called – The Blockheads: Beyond the Call of Dury. The film makers are raising money via Kickstarter to finish the production of what will hopefully be a brilliant documentary telling the story of this legendary band. Quoth the Kickstarter page: The story […]

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Videos of Drummers In Action

I really enjoyed the recent post on Steve Goold’s blog with “drum cam” footage from a recent performance and thought I’d post a few videos showing drummers at work including one of myself, for good measure. There’s a huge amount of indulgent stuff being shown by drummers in their practice rooms, and it’s great fun […]

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The Real Last Waltz – Alternate Footage Posted on YouTube

Wow, this is brilliant. Someone’s posted alternate footage of the Last Waltz concert which shows the real performance before all the overdubs that Levon talks about so disparagingly in his book. The Band is one of my favourite rock music combos and Levon Helm is truly a master drummer. I love the movie and have […]

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The Science Is In – Drummers are Smarter

Who’d have thought it? My good friend and associate, Frank from JPF Amplification, drew my attention to this fascinating article. According to this article, which must be true, drummers with solid time are smarter and their smartness is infectious via the medium of groove. Sounds cool. The ability to create rhythms is linked to the […]

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Snarky Puppy – Quite The Musos

A student of mine mentioned Snarky Puppy to me, a modern fusion outfit playing sell-out shows all over the place. “Fusion” is not normally a term that excites me seeing as I can’t afford the cuisine and in a musical context, I don’t need to be reminded of traumatic experiences listening to Jaco’s solos or […]

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The Revolution Starts Now

Kudos to my fellow bloggers who manage to post great content week in and week out. I seem to produce stuff in spurts. Meanwhile, here is something fab from Steve Earle who I dig.

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Don’t Think!

This is sage advice but not so easy to follow. As a nouveau jazzer, I find myself thinking about everything too much. I get pages of Riley flashing through my head mid-performance. I’m playing in a restaurant so I am thinking about keeping the volume down and thinking about whether the next thing I do […]

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Collision! Youth Know Something About Music

Check out this brilliant show on Reprezent 107.3 FM, The Voice Of Young London. I’m slightly biased because one of the presenters is a student of mine but these guys are playing a brilliant selection of music from rock classics to funk masterpieces. It’s a perfect playlist for a fuddyduddy like me and inspires some […]

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What I’m Listening To This Week

What with getting into Afrobeat and, obviously, the fantastic drumming that comes with it, I have had some Fela Kuti in my earplugs this week. Tony Allen is playing some very busy stuff, variating in every bar and at the same time driving the groove without any bumps. Once I’ve soaked this stuff up some […]

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