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It’s Half Way Through January And I haven’t Blogged Anything In Yonks

This is the perfect opportunity to do one of those compilation type posts where I list a bunch of interesting things that have come to my awareness. Mark Kelso Recently I watched Adam Hay’s interview of a drummer named Mark Kelso, a very interesting bloke I never heard of. Suddenly Mark Kelso is all over […]

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Sometimes Drummers Do Other Stuff Too

Silly post. Was looking for Ed Soph videos on YouTube, he’s an amazing drummer and educator, his videos on YouTube and his DVD are presented with beautiful clarity and light humour. Well, Ed is just as lucid and articulate speaking against fracking in what I assume must be his local area. Nice one. Anyway, some […]

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Oded Kafri: Drum Machine

I just came across this YouTube video advertising a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for a documentary about the amazing Oded Kafri. Oded is a solo drum kit musician who mostly performs as a busker on the streets of cities around the world. I’m acquainted with Oded since I met him rehearsing and experimenting with […]

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Drumming DVDs About Musicianship Not Chops

Since I just wrote a review of Jojo’s DVD about feet, I thought I should do a bit about some DVDs I know which are all about the music and don’t waste much time on technique. These are videos that any drummer would hugely enjoy and benefit from. You should get them all. Levon Helm […]

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Videos of Drummers In Action

I really enjoyed the recent post on Steve Goold’s blog with “drum cam” footage from a recent performance and thought I’d post a few videos showing drummers at work including one of myself, for good measure. There’s a huge amount of indulgent stuff being shown by drummers in their practice rooms, and it’s great fun […]

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Stanton Moore Clinic at Bell Percussion

I had a great time last Sunday attending a clinic with top-notch New Orleans drummer, Stanton Moore, at Bell Percussion in Acton. The event was organised by fellow Edgwareian and hub of the drum community, Mike Dolbear of I admit I was feeling a little apprehensive about seeing Stanton since I became a bit […]

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Royal College Of Music Festival Of Percussion – With Gavin Harrison

The Royal College of Music Festival of Percussion takes place in London on the 6th of July. I attended last year’s event where I got to see the amazing John Riley, a clinic with Geoff Dugmore, a jazz trio, some classical percussionists, Nick Mason and a big band. It was a brilliant day out which […]

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Great Drum Educator, Chuck Silverman, Sadly Died

I am deeply saddened to hear about the sudden loss on May the 1st of Chuck Silverman, a great drummer and drum teacher notable for his amazing knowledge and love for Afro-Caribbean music (or Latin as we lesser mortals would call it) and expertise about the drummers of James Brown. I didn’t know Chuck, although […]

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More Snarky Puppy – Robert “Sput” Searight

Cool. Check out this performance clip focusing on the drummer. Always nice to watch. Robert “Sput” Searight? Never heard of him. Quite good, though, innit.

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Ronald Shannon Jackson

Sad news to hear of Ronald Shannon Jackson’s recent demise. Although he was well known for his avant garde jazz playing, I am familiar mostly with his work with James “Blood” Ulmer. Jackson’s drumming is very gritty to my ears, and he plays with a wonderful touch. Here is a great clip – Jazz is […]

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