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It’s Half Way Through January And I haven’t Blogged Anything In Yonks

This is the perfect opportunity to do one of those compilation type posts where I list a bunch of interesting things that have come to my awareness.

Mark Kelso

Recently I watched Adam Hay’s interview of a drummer named Mark Kelso, a very interesting bloke I never heard of. Suddenly Mark Kelso is all over the place. He’s has fantastic technique and great feel. His DVD is due out and the title alone makes me want to check it out – Musician First, Drummer Second.

This is the teaser, although it doesn’t tell us much about what will be in it (some info is here –

Check out his metronome session on Drumeo (yes, them again), it’s all about improving your time and is well worth watching:

And this is Adam Hay’s Interview with him:

Adam Hay

Meanwhile, Adam Hay, who led me to Kelso is a Canadian drummer who puts out loads of interesting videos. He has a lot of great stuff about Cuban drumming including footage of his lessons with percussionists in Cuba. His videos are quite unique and his approach is really engaging. I like the fact that he covers a very broad range of subjects in an original style. His YouTube channel is here –

This is one of my faves – a conversation with drummer Al Cross about the Gladstone and Moeller approaches to hitting things with sticks:

Here’s some of the Cuban stuff, an Abakua for drum kit. I love watching people practice:

Rob Brown Demonstrates Gadd’s Shuffle

Rob Brown’s recent video demonstrating a shuffle that Steve Gadd plays as shown to Rob by Dave Weckl is cool. Worth learning:


I’m planning to put out some more Afrobeat related stuff, meanwhile this guy does a nice explanation of Tony Allen’s first Afrobeat groove. He’s got the feel just right:

I am aiming to get back into regular posts. I’ll be writing about some of Joel Rothman’s new books which are interesting as always and more drumming exercises, reviews and ranty stuff as it comes up.