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This Is The First Afrobeat Drum Groove According To Tony Allen

And I suppose he’d know something about it…

I highly recommend watching both of the following videos. The audio is not fantastic but there is a demonstration of some typical Highlife drumming and how he added a left foot hihat on the 2 & 4 and then he shows us the first groove of Afrobeat. When I first tried playing Afrobeat, I found that playing 16ths on the kick on 1 and 1e and 3 and 3e is particularly challenging despite being able to do it easily on 4a and 1 or 2a and 3 which is a more common use of right-foot 16ths in the rock and funk styles.

You must learn this if you want to play Afrobeat:

The First Pattern of Afrobeat

First Part:

Second Part: