Online Drum Lessons

Contact me by emailing or calling 07828 845 047

Due to the current Coronavirus situation I am offerning one-to-one drum lessons online. I mostly teach via Zoom but can use Skype or Google Hangouts or any other video communication platform.

Like many of my fellow colleagues, I started teaching online when the music school at which I was teaching had to shut down. I wasn’t a stranger to online lessons as I’d taken lessons with teachers over Skype in the past. But teaching online was new.

While there are some challenges with the change from real life face-to-face to online, I find it works really well and am working out how to overcome any deficits relating to not being in the same space of the student.

To take an online lesson, you need to have access to a gadget of some sort with a camera. It’s great if you have a desktop or laptop computer or an iPad or Android tablet but I’ve also taught succeessfully using a phone.

It’s also helpful to use a pair of headphones with a long lead or even bluetooth headphones.

If you have a drum kit, that’s great. A practice pad is pretty essential, but there are ways to work without all the gear. Please contact me if you’d like to explore the possibilities regarding your setup.

I offer a free tech setup session. Once you’ve booked your first lesson, I will arrange a time for us to make sure all your gadgets are working and connected and positioned in the best possible way.

Contact me on 07828 845 047 or to book your lesson today.