Online Drum Lessons

Online Drum Lessons With Zoom

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It’s Easy To Start Learning Drums Online

  • Arrange a suitable lesson time and free setup session, if required.
  • Set up your laptop, iPad, tablet or phone in a suitable viewing position. I recommend placing the device to the left of the kit looking at the snare drum.
  • Configure your Zoom app for optimal audio – instructions here.
  • Join my Zoom meeting at the appointed time.
  • Learn drums.
  • Practice, practice, practice…

I mostly teach online via Zoom but can use Skype or Google Hangouts or any other video communication platform.

What You Will Need

  • Drum Kit and/ or practice pad.
  • Internet connection – broadband ideal but mobile hotspots can work well.
  • A gadget – a laptop or tablet works best but using a phone works fine too.
  • Pair of headphones – wired or Bluetooth.
  • A proper stand for your gadget would be useful but an improvised stand can work fine.
  • Music stand.
  • Google account for viewing shared lesson notes, sheet music and videos.

More Details

Online drum lessons work really well. Most of my students moved online with me from taking face-to-face lessons. Despite there being some real changes in the approach to teaching, online lessons are just as effective as real life face to face lessons. I miss the personal interaction I had with my students but there are advantages and disadvantages to all modalities.

To take an online lesson, you need to have access to a gadget of some sort with a camera. It’s great if you have a desktop or laptop computer or an iPad or Android tablet but I’ve also taught succeessfully using a phone. You may, at times, want to have another gadget at hand for playing along to music, but I can also stream music directly to you from my teaching studio.

A pair of headphones is pretty much essential, ideally with a long lead. Bluetooth headphones can work well too.

If you have a drum kit, that’s great. A practice pad is pretty essential too. We can work on stick technique with just a pad. There are also ways to work without all the gear, if you are determined to learn. Please contact me if you’d like to explore the possibilities regarding your setup.

I offer a free tech setup session. Once you’ve booked your first lesson, I will arrange a time for us to make sure all your gadgets are working and connected and positioned in the best possible way.

Contact me on 07828 845 047 or to book your lesson today.