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Blair Sinta 21 Sounds With 1 Mic

21 Drums Sounds with One Mic – Blair Sinta

I’ve been enjoying session pro, Blair Sinta’s channel lately. There’s tons of great informaton about getting a sound with your drums. It’s all very useful, it’s about the creative process of recording, playing stuff that works for the music, using your tools intelligently and recognising the incredible variety of sounds we can create using out instruments and recording gear. In this video Blair shows us what it really means to understand our instrument and the studio. With just a humble… Read More »21 Drums Sounds with One Mic – Blair Sinta

Ringos 80'th Birthday

Rolling Stone Interviews Ringo

Check out this splendid interview with Ringo who’s turning 80. He talks about being locked down, being on tour, not on tour, living in America, joining The Beatles, playing for the song, being left-handed, playing from the heart, being friends with other drum legends, refusing to play a segregated gig in the US back in the day, his post-Beatles career and more.

Todd Bishop- Cruise Ship Drummer

Resting The Sticks On The Drums – Todd Bishop Understands

I love this post from Todd Bishop of the Cruise Ship Drummer Blog. Resting the sticks on the drum or pad is a terrible habit. Why are you putting your sticks on the head when you are not playing your instrument? Are the sticks so heavy? Are you sufferening from muscle atrophy? Are you not aware of what your body is doing? Learning an instrument is about awareness of yourself. I am perpetually telling my students off for doing it… Read More »Resting The Sticks On The Drums – Todd Bishop Understands