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The Black Crowes

Hard To Handle by The Black Crowes – Drum Sheet Music

This is a drum chart I made for students who are studying towards a grade four exam. I am doing exams through MTB which is brilliant as they allow students to choose whatever they want to play as long as it meets the criteria of the grade being worked on. So I am building a collection of songs with my students that broaden the possibilities. Plus I am using tracks I’ve created in Moises so the poor exam candidates don’t have to play along to the, ummm, less that brilliant cover versions provided by the other popular boards.

So here’s Hard To Handle. I wanted to pack it in to one page but I don’t know if it’s a bit dense. It’s not meant to be used for sight reading but more as an aide to learning the song so you don’t need to read the chart to play it. Also, it’s not meant to be a note for note representation of the song, where would be the fun in that?

Let me know what you think.

Download the PDF here.

Feel free to use it for grading if you like it. It’s approved through MTB’s approval service for Grade 4 Contemporary Drums.

Black Crowes - Hard To Handle Drum Sheet Music