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One-On-One Online Drum Lessons

Contact me to book an online lesson today. I love working with students at all levels. Beginners are welcome.

Wondering how online lessons work? You probably have everything you need to get going. Here’s the lowdown.

I’m an enthusiastic drum teacher with more than a decade’s experience. I’m very passionate about music and education.

Online Drum Lessons

I offer one-on-one online drum lessons. Online lessons work really well. Learn to play from the comfort of your own home with a passionate teacher with years of experience. I have an enhanced DBS (formally known as a CRB) certificate. I am accepting new students and am available to anyone in the world who speaks English.

More info on online lessons here or book a lesson now.
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Drum Lessons in Colindale, North West London

I teach drums face-to-face at Ebony & Ivory Music School in Colindale. It’s easily accessible to students in North-West London. I live in Edgware and host my online lessons from home.

Beginners, Learn To Play

If you’ve never hit a drum in your life but the urge is upon you, now’s the time to start. Drum lessons are amazing fun and you can start learning at almost any age. I’ll introduce you to the proper technique, teach you to read music, help you learn a wide variety of styles including rock, pop, R&B, jazz and more and help you develop your own style and musicality.

Experienced Drummers

Do you feel like there are areas of your playing that need improvement? Do you need to change gear and take your playing to the next level? Want to learn a new style? Come and have a lesson or two and see if I can help you find a new perspective. I can help to resolve issues that might be holding you back in terms of technique, vocabulary, independence & coordination, posture. I am interested in issues around grip and stroke and can help you play more consistently and with better attack, tone and groove.


I teach many styles of music including rock, pop, R&B, funk, jazz and have even been known to dabble in reggae, ska and latin.

Topics of Study

Lessons include the study of general musicianship, beats and fills, music reading, stick technique, grip, rudiments, independence and coordination, drum tuning, good posture and a relaxed approach to playing.

Graded Exams

I can help you prepare for drum grading with Trinity Rock And Pop or Rockschool.

Where I Teach

Nowadays I teach on the internet mostly using Zoom but can use Skype or whatever you fancy trying. That means I can teach anyone anywhere in the world. From Azerbaijan to Zambia, if you’d like to work with me, I am happy to teach you.

I teach face to face lessons at Ebony & Ivory Music School in Colindale. Easy access for anyone in North-West London including Mill Hill, Colindale, Edgware, Stanmore, Finchley, Hendon, Golders Green, Wembley, Harrow, Neaseden, Cricklewood, Kingsbury, Barnet, Borehamwood.


Experienced Drummer

I am an experienced live drummer with great time and supportive playing style. I am reliable and have a professional manner and give my best with every performance.


Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate functions, parties, shindigs, hootenannies and fandangos.


Experienced studio drummer with many hours of recording under my belt. Click trained and producer friendly. I own a good selection of snares and cymbals and I love playing for the song. Consistent and solid.

Styles of Music

I am well versed in most popular styles of music including rock (light and heavy), pop, funk, soul, R&B, ska, reggae, jazz, Jewish music and so on.


Real Drums Recorded

Need live drum tracks for your recording? Bespoke multitrack drum recordings can be a huge improvement over “cut & paste” loop based tracks.

Studio Recording & Audio Production Coaching and Advice

Help you make a great recording – live drums can’t be beat! Take advantage of my experience recording real drums. I can help you achieve better results with drum recording. Whether you need help with mic selection and placement, production ideas, tuning and set up of drums or mixing and processing, I can help you improve your results with recording live drums.

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