Brian Chippendale

Checking In At 20 – Documentary

A student turned me on to Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt recently. I love the chaotic noise and unbridled freedom of his playing. YouTube, eager to get me hooked into whatever the hell it is I’ve just looked at, showed me Black Pus, Chippendale’s one-man-band and then, somehow, to this documentary on Pitchfork about him and a bloke called Greg Saunier from the band Deerhoof. I don’t listen to much of this kind of expressionistic, arty rock these days (if… Read More »Checking In At 20 – Documentary

Ringos 80'th Birthday

Rolling Stone Interviews Ringo

Check out this splendid interview with Ringo who’s turning 80. He talks about being locked down, being on tour, not on tour, living in America, joining The Beatles, playing for the song, being left-handed, playing from the heart, being friends with other drum legends, refusing to play a segregated gig in the US back in the day, his post-Beatles career and more.

Can’t Hurry Love Beat

I recorded this for one of those video montage thingies they are all doing these days. My colleague Rodrigo and me are doing a free online music class demonstrating the bits for some of our favourite songs. We will be inviting the attendees to contribute to group projects involving playing and recording. The classes will take place every Thursday at 17.00 on Zoom. Please contact me if you’d like to join in. Here’s a PDF with the beat written out… Read More »Can’t Hurry Love Beat

Composer David Bruce on Percussion in Western Classical Music

I love David Bruce’s videos. He talks about Western Classical music composition and theory, the history of music and the broad influences incorporated into modern music making. Even when the topics are beyond my comprehension, I enjoy watching his videos and picking up what I can. This video about the evolution of percussion in Classical composition is reeally interesting. Take a look:

Sounds Like A Drum – Tuning Essentials

I love the Sounds Like A Drum channel on YouTube. These guys really know their shit when it comes to making drums sound great. They explain everything from the way drumheads work, how to choose snare wires and fit them, how to tune for different sounds and styles, how to attain exotic sounds and so on. All of their videos are worth watching. Here’s a playlist featuring the essential tuning basics just to get you started. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYTmGAbCD30Mr1z_pgp3ypw