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Can My Zildjian 20" Ride Cymbal Be Improved?

Can My 20″ Zildjian Ride Cymbal Be Improved?

I recently contacted master British cymbal maker, Dave Collingwood, if he could do something to improve my 20″ Zildjian Ride cymbal. I’ve been feeling a bit at a loss as to what to do with the thing since it seems to sound increasingly clunky and clangy as time goes by and the more I tend towards light playing. I put it on eBay but it didn’t find a buyer and each time I put it on a stand and tried to play it, I felt less fond of the thing. I bought it many years ago when I played heavier and liked the ping of the stick hitting the bow and the bright and metallic bell (I guess the bell of any cym is metallic, but this one in particular?).

Anyway, here’s part one of what will undoubtedly be an intersting process. I will post updates as the cymbal evolves.