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Videos of Drummers In Action

I really enjoyed the recent post on Steve Goold’s blog with “drum cam” footage from a recent performance and thought I’d post a few videos showing drummers at work including one of myself, for good measure.

There’s a huge amount of indulgent stuff being shown by drummers in their practice rooms, and it’s great fun to watch but to see our colleagues working up close during a live performance is something else. The following videos all show drummers of a high calibre who are continuing to work on their skills and are generous enough to share with their fellow musicians some very personal insights into their learning process as well as showing off their existing chops and musicality. And me at the end…

Starting, then, with Mr Goold from his blog post here –

Next a clip from Steve Hynes, a great drummer who has a YouTube channel chocka with interesting footage here –

Next, some drum cam action from another YouTuber, Adam Hay, whose videos I discovered via a chat he put up with drummer Al Cross about strokes (not the type that land you in hospital, of course). His channel is here –

Joe Crabtree is another brilliant drummer whose series showing the drum solos he did on a tour with insightful comments on what he played, thought and learned, accompanying the videos is must-watch stuff. He has tons of lessons on his YouTube channel and also a website where subscribers can watch hours and hours of lessons, too –

Here’s a bloke called Alec Tackmann whose YouTube channel, GoAndPractice is full of little exercises you can learn to add to your vocabulary presented in a very economical way. You can grab any one of the ideas and work it up to speed and take it to your next gig –

Lastly, here is a bit of me playing a pub gig in Finchley. It’s from a couple of years ago and it strikes me that my drumming has evolved quite a bit since then. I am doing Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon which some of my students are learning, they might find it amusing…