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Benny Greb Free Lesson on Drumeo – Art & Science of Groove

I just discovered this brilliant video lesson/educational presentation by the famous Benny Greb who’s doing the rounds promoting his new DVD The Art & Science Of Groove which was produced via a Kickstarter campaign (including a few shekels from yours truly…). The DVD is really good, I have on my To Do list to review […]

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Jojo Mayer – Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Pt. 2: A Guide to Foot Technique

I’m rather excited to discover that the long awaited sequel to Jojo Mayer’s insane video on hand technique is due out soon. Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Pt. 2: A Guide to Foot Technique is released by Hudson Music “soon”. It promises to be “The most comprehensive guide to foot technique for drummers ever […]

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Free MP3 Metronome For Your Downloading Pleasure

Despite living in a world where you can install apps on your toaster, some of my students don’t have access to such modern miracles. So I whipped up this batch of 5 minute long MP3s with tempos from 60 BPM to 300 BPM in increments of five BPM (except the last few which go up […]

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Don’t Think!

This is sage advice but not so easy to follow. As a nouveau jazzer, I find myself thinking about everything too much. I get pages of Riley flashing through my head mid-performance. I’m playing in a restaurant so I am thinking about keeping the volume down and thinking about whether the next thing I do […]

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Lesson with Ralph Salmins

I saw Ralph Salmins at a clinic put on by my old teacher, Phil Solomon, in Brighton a few years back. Ralph’s playing and approach were presented in a fun and informative way and his professionalism and practical attitude towards his work as one of the UK’s leading session drummers was inspiring. I asked Ralph […]

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