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Drum Tuning

Cheap Snare Drum

I Bought a Cheap Snare on eBay

I bought a cheap snare on eBay. It cost me £23, brand new! I made a video about it and stuck it up on YouTube. This was a more complicated video than I’ve made before (not that you’d know to look at it) and it was fun to work on. I’m working out how to make videos and there’s a long way to go, I think, before it starts looking good. I say too many ummmmms and uhhhhhhs, I feel… Read More »I Bought a Cheap Snare on eBay

Fantastic Quick & Easy Guide to Tuning Your Drums

This bloke, Rob Brown has made one of the best drum tuning videos I have seen. His quick & easy method offers a very straightforward formula for getting your drums to sound great without any of the sometimes laborious and borderline esoteric stuff we can get into when talking about tuning. If you feel like you haven’t yet got to grips with what it takes to make your kit sound good, follow Rob’s tips and you are guaranteed to end… Read More »Fantastic Quick & Easy Guide to Tuning Your Drums