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Cheap Snare Drum

I Bought a Cheap Snare on eBay

I bought a cheap snare on eBay. It cost me £23, brand new! I made a video about it and stuck it up on YouTube. This was a more complicated video than I’ve made before (not that you’d know to look at it) and it was fun to work on. I’m working out how to make videos and there’s a long way to go, I think, before it starts looking good. I say too many ummmmms and uhhhhhhs, I feel like I am a bit too stiff, I ramble too much. In this video I had a problem with the sound since I used a lavalier mic for the first time and it picks up plosives from half way down my shirt. The room doesn’t sound too good either. It is the first video since I’ve been posting regularly, with real drums in. And it’s my first “novelty” video.

After playing it with the factory heads, I stuck a set of Code heads on. They are cheaper than the equivalent from the big three brands and they seem pretty good. I am going to try a set on one of my other snares and see how they sound. Also swapped out the snares for a set of Shaw snare wires which seem really nice and are a bit cheaper than the Puresounds or Canopus snares I’d normally get.

Anyway, check it out. I hope you find it entertaining and even informative.