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Fantastic Quick & Easy Guide to Tuning Your Drums

This bloke, Rob Brown has made one of the best drum tuning videos I have seen. His quick & easy method offers a very straightforward formula for getting your drums to sound great without any of the sometimes laborious and borderline esoteric stuff we can get into when talking about tuning.

If you feel like you haven’t yet got to grips with what it takes to make your kit sound good, follow Rob’s tips and you are guaranteed to end up in a good place.

Now, before you rest on your laurels, these videos will help you get your drums sounding good in a certain way. Different styles of music ask for different sounds. Typically, jazz players tune a lot higher than this. Pop and funk players might be in between somewhere. The relationships between the batter and resonant heads can produce countless varieties of tones and feels.

Once you’ve mastered this tuning method, you would do well to read Prof. Sound’s Drum Tuning Bible (It’s a PDF) and spend three hours tuning one drum, learning to hear every nuance of the different head tensions. Then go and get Bob Gatzen’s Tuning DVD (the word “simplified” is used loosely here, there are about three hours of video in there!) and get crazy with the man.

Meanwhile, this is a great way to get in tune.

Tune your toms:

Tune your snare:

Tune your bass: