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Live, Loud & Drum Healthy Vol. 1

I watched this video recently on YouTube by a bloke called Jai Es who talks about a lot of stuff I think is very important for drummers and not discussed as often as it should. It’s a great run down of fundamental drum technique with a great deal of focus on posture, relaxation, attitude and […]

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Playing Ghost Notes In A Shuffle Groove Like Reelin’ In The Years

I’ve been listening to Steely Dan’s Album Can’t Buy A Thrill a lot lately and two songs really stand out. One is Dirty Work, a very laid back, greasy and dark tune with a funky groove. The other is Reelin’ In The Years which bounces along beautifully, driven by Jim Hodder’s light and fluffy shuffle […]

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Drum Intro For Tony Allen’s Go Back From His Latest Album

Damon Albarn is a pretty lucky guy since his rock star status allows him to play with musicians of the calibre of Tony Allen. Having said that, he’s quite good at songwriting and Go Back from the album Film Of Life is really good. On the album version of the song is this intro which […]

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Trash Can Endings – Another Cool Lesson from Rob Brown

I just came across this video by Rob Brown on a subject I’ve not seen covered much before – the big rock ending or Trash Can Ending (not a term I’ve heard before but will adopt, albeit as Dustbin Ending). I tend to leave it to chance which is a bit risky because there’s the […]

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Ash Soan’s Reggae Delay Effect

Here’s a quickie – Ash Soan is releasing short videos with little ideas to try out, lots of fun and interesting things. This one demonstrates his way of producing the effect of the delayed cross-stick or hihat sound that is very common on reggae recordings. Ash has an app for Android and Apple gadgets called […]

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Bass Drum 16ths Excercise

Here is a page of exercises I wrote tonight for a student who is developing their right foot. We worked on playing two sixteenths using heel-up and heel-toe. I thought it might be useful to post the sheet up here. I would start playing at 60 BPM to ensure that all the strokes are lined […]

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Improve Your Internal Clock

We all need to work on our time keeping. Here is a cool lesson from Joe Crabtree with some exercises you can do even without a kit. Always good.

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A Couple of Video Lessons from the Vic Firth site

Brian Ferguson, a contributor to the Billy Ward Stalker Society made these great videos about fills. http://www.vicfirth.com/education/drumset/ferguson/ferguson_10MQ.html http://www.vicfirth.com/education/drumset/ferguson/ferguson_11MQ.html

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