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Drum Intro For Tony Allen’s Go Back From His Latest Album

Tony Allen And Singer
Damon Albarn is a pretty lucky guy since his rock star status allows him to play with musicians of the calibre of Tony Allen. Having said that, he’s quite good at songwriting and Go Back from the album Film Of Life is really good.

On the album version of the song is this intro which I just realised is absent from the radio version of the song which is available on Youtube. I guess it’s a good reason to get the record.

A nice example of his drumming. Pay attention to the very dynamic hi hat. There’s so much nuance in the hi hat playing, a lot of colour derived from the interplay between right hand and left foot. Some of the open hats I notated are on the border between open and just a bit splooshy.

Tony Allen - Go Back Intro

Get the PDF: Tony Allen – Go Back Intro

(I hope the inclusion of the audio clip doesn’t upset any so-called rights owners as it’s being used for educational purposes and I think everyone should buy this music if they like it).