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Offbeat 8th Note Groove Snare & Bass 16ths

Here’s an addendum to the recent video about offbeat 8th note grooves. Let’s add some 16ths on the snare and bass. Once you’ve got the hang of all that, try combining snare and bass 16ths. You can have hours of fun with this. The objective is to internalise these patterns and then learn to mix them up. Don’t forget you can vary the snare and bass 8ths too as demonstrated in the previous video. Maybe you can do that in your mind or maybe you will need to write some ideas down and work them out from the page. No matter which way you prefer to go about it, the aim is to get to the point that you can improvise offbeat grooves and variations. Don’t forget to add crashes and fills once it’s all bouncing along nicely.

Here’s the PDF.

Enjoy, and let me know how you got on.