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Live, Loud & Drum Healthy Vol. 1

I watched this video recently on YouTube by a bloke called Jai Es who talks about a lot of stuff I think is very important for drummers and not discussed as often as it should. It’s a great run down of fundamental drum technique with a great deal of focus on posture, relaxation, attitude and flow. Jai addresses the mental and spiritual aspects of musicianship and drumming in particular as well as discussing the importance of maintaining your health in order to excel as a musician. He presents a very thorough overview of hand and foot technique including explanations of the German, American and French grips, heel up and heel down bass pedal technique and more.

I love Jai’s approach and vibe. This video seems suitable for intermediate drummers who want to make sure they have a well rounded understanding of the fundamental techniques for hands and feet and for advanced drummers who would like to review their overall approach.

There’s loads of interesting and useful stuff on Jai’s YouTube channel. I recommend you check it out.