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Better Call Saul Theme Includes JPF Amps Regent 25

OK, nothing to do with drums at all but I’m always pleased to plug the fine work of my friends and associates. The theme tune for Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul which is looking like a great TV show so far, is by the band Little Barrie. Lead singer and amazing guitarist Barrie Cadogan […]

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Shameless Plug for A Couple of Cruise Ship Drummer Books

Just a quickie to let you know that the Samba and Bossa book (wot I reviewed in my last post) by the Cruise Ship Drummer is now available in dead tree format. Also the Book of The Blog 2014 is out. It’s a compendium of last year’s posts including stuff on jazz and Afro-Cuban drumming, […]

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My New Custom Moulded Earplugs Are Here

I’m very excited this morning because the postman bought me my new pair of ACS ER-15 custom moulded earplugs. My old pair died and I’ve had to wait a few months before ordering a new pair. Without my proper earplugs I have been using Elacin ER20s and ProGuard PR20s, both of which seem pretty good […]

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Drum Lessons In North-West London

A quick note to let you know I still have a few free slots available for drumming students in the North-West London area. Please get in touch if you want drum lessons starting in September. I teach in Mill Hill and Colindale and can work with people of all abilities from beginners to advanced. I […]

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Todd Bishop’s New Album, Travelogue, Out Now

Todd Bishop of the Cruise Ship Drummer blog puts out a high volume of interesting, valuable and varied drum set lessons and exercises. I like to show my support by buying the stuff he’s got for sale like his books and records. It’s come to my attention that Todd’s latest album, Travelogue, is out so […]

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Chuck Silverman’s Keepers of the Flame – Cuban Rumba Traditions

Legendary drum educator Chuck Silverman’s documentary is in the editing stage and they need a few more shekels to help them finish it off. This is a good cause to support if you have an interest in Cuban drumming and the traditions of drums and percussion in general. Keepers of the Flame – Cuban Rumba […]

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JPF Amplification, Custom Made British Valve Amps – Documentary

The founders of JPF Amps are old friends of mine and I’ve had some small part in their evolution since I got to experiment with some of their early models including the MKII featured in the following film. JPF is dedicated to building high quality amps for guitar and bass as well as operating an […]

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