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Drummer Asaf Sirkis

Free Introduction to Konnakol Course from Asaf Sirkis

I’m very fortunate to have started studying with Asaf Sirkis, an amazing drummer who’s played lots of interesting music including jazz, fusion and world-music. Asaf has been studying Konnakol, an Indian rhythmic language with master mrindangamist Paramasamy Kirupakaran. He’s integrated Konnakol into his teaching as it’s a great way to help enrich any musician’s rhythmic understanding. My interest in learning Konnakol and how it can deepen my rhythmic perception is one of the reasons I wanted to study with Asaf.

Asaf has released a free course called Mastering Rhythm With Konnakol which is an easy, step-by-step introduction to using Konnakol in a way that is useful to Western musicians. It’s a great way to start learning this beautiful language and deepen your sense of rhythm. Check it out.