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Footes Music Store – Helpful & Knowledgeable About Drums

Like many people, I don’t go in to music shops much any more. Buying drum stuff online is easy, cheap and doesn’t involve having to deal with surly or smug music shop staff and lack of stock and annoying upselling and misinformation.

A couple of weeks ago I went into the legendary Foote’s which recently moved to the appropriately named Store Street, a few minutes walk from Goodge Street Tube station. I needed to pick up some sticks and a snare head and couldn’t help tapping a few cymbals while I was there and found a great dry ride that would be suitable for some quieter gigs. I found myself enjoying the experience and went back in today to have another listen to the cym.

I found the shop to be pretty well stocked, with a large selection of cymbals and other drum-related whatnots and in particular found the guy working in the drum section to be really helpful and knowledgeable. I had another listen to the ride and asked about the Ludwig ?uestlove Breakbeats kit and the very helpful guy spent a good amount of time showing me the kit’s features and letting me play it. The kit was tuned well and he really seemed to know his stuff and expressed his expertise without the patronising tone I often associate with these sorts of interactions (“No, we don’t sell those sticks, only idiots use those, try some of these”…).

Going in to Foote’s was a very nice experience and I will definitely make the effort to go back there in the future. I recommend anyone who’s in the vicinity check it out.