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Whiplash – A Bloody Awful Film About Drumming

So I hate-watched Whiplash, the movie that’s got folks salivating with anticipation due to some glowing reviews and enthusiastic press reports. I say hate-watched because I knew I’d hate the movie due to a bunch of stuff some sensible people wrote about it, like George Colligan did on his Jazz Truth Blog and from the […]

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New Cruise Ship Drummer Book – Playing Samba and Bossa Nova: A field Manual for Drummers

Todd Bishop over at the Cruise Ship Drummer blog never ceases to amaze me with his prolific output. His recent publication is a Kindle book called – Playing Samba and Bossa Nova: a field manual for drummers. It costs in the neighbourhood of £4 and is a very well put together guide to playing Samba […]

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Advice For Beginning Drummers from The Cruise Ship Drummer

I really loved this post from Todd Bishop of the Cruise Ship Drummer blog. Go have a read, he very succinctly summarises a bunch of stuff that’s essential to be aware of. Go read here – Meanwhile, I’ve had another Skype lesson with Todd and found it very enjoyable and am planning to do […]

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Jojo Mayer’s Secret Weapons 2 Is All About Feet And Pedals

It promised to be “The most comprehensive guide to foot technique for drummers ever available” and it is. Well, I imagine it is because I haven’t actually seen the other available guides to feet but this DVD is so amazingly comprehensive, I can’t see how there can be any competitors. Not to mention that people […]

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Stanton Moore Clinic at Bell Percussion

I had a great time last Sunday attending a clinic with top-notch New Orleans drummer, Stanton Moore, at Bell Percussion in Acton. The event was organised by fellow Edgwareian and hub of the drum community, Mike Dolbear of I admit I was feeling a little apprehensive about seeing Stanton since I became a bit […]

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The Art & Science of Groove, Benny Greb’s Indigogo Project

Here’s a cool idea: Benny Greb is producing a high quality DVD via the crowdfunding site Indigogo. I think it’s a positive thing to produce this stuff independently. The video pitching the idea sounds encouraging, there’s a few seconds of tap dancing which is an artform closely associated with the drum kit, according to […]

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Royal College Of Music Festival Of Percussion – With Gavin Harrison

The Royal College of Music Festival of Percussion takes place in London on the 6th of July. I attended last year’s event where I got to see the amazing John Riley, a clinic with Geoff Dugmore, a jazz trio, some classical percussionists, Nick Mason and a big band. It was a brilliant day out which […]

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Great Drum Educator, Chuck Silverman, Sadly Died

I am deeply saddened to hear about the sudden loss on May the 1st of Chuck Silverman, a great drummer and drum teacher notable for his amazing knowledge and love for Afro-Caribbean music (or Latin as we lesser mortals would call it) and expertise about the drummers of James Brown. I didn’t know Chuck, although […]

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Chuck Silverman’s Keepers of the Flame – Cuban Rumba Traditions

Legendary drum educator Chuck Silverman’s documentary is in the editing stage and they need a few more shekels to help them finish it off. This is a good cause to support if you have an interest in Cuban drumming and the traditions of drums and percussion in general. Keepers of the Flame – Cuban Rumba […]

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I Have Joined The Ranks Of YouTube Drum Coverers

As someone who lived before there was such a thing as the Internet, I still find the notion of being seen by anyone anywhere in the world somewhat creepy. I normally share videos with people via file sharing services. But as internet users are migrating away from their desktops and laptops towards tablets, I keep […]

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