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Drum Education

Summer 2018 Band Workshop for Kids

My colleague Rodrigo the guitar teacher and I will be putting on a band workshop for kids of all ages and abilities during the week starting Monday July 30th. We will be learning a bunch of songs, getting experience playing music with other musicians, working hard and having fun too. The course ends with a performance which will take place on the Friday or possibly on Sunday at the ‘Spoons upstairs. This will be confirmed. Cost is ?100 for three… Read More »Summer 2018 Band Workshop for Kids

Interview with Drummer Georges Paczynski

I’ll admit I’d never heard of Georges Paczynski before seeing this interview posted in my Facebook feed by the great street drummer, Oded Kafri. Paczynski talks about his love for jazz, for drumming and his philosophical outlook regarding pedagogy, human nature and the art of mastering oneself. The appearance of the interview coincided with a couple of students commenting on the philosophical nature of drum lessons so it seems quite apt to add here. This, I quote from the early… Read More »Interview with Drummer Georges Paczynski

A Few Slots For Drum Tuition In North-West London

I have a few slots available for drum tuition in North West London. I’m based in Colindale on the Edgware Road. Contact me if you’re looking for a passionate, dedicated and student-driven drum teacher. I teach students at all ability levels. For beginners, we work on building a solid foundation starting with rock music vocabulary, reading, stick technique, popular styles and grooves. For more advanced students I can help iron out bad habits, evolve general technique, work on timing issues,… Read More »A Few Slots For Drum Tuition In North-West London

Live, Loud & Drum Healthy Vol. 1

I watched this video recently on YouTube by a bloke called Jai Es who talks about a lot of stuff I think is very important for drummers and not discussed as often as it should. It’s a great run down of fundamental drum technique with a great deal of focus on posture, relaxation, attitude and flow. Jai addresses the mental and spiritual aspects of musicianship and drumming in particular as well as discussing the importance of maintaining your health in… Read More »Live, Loud & Drum Healthy Vol. 1

Mike Dolbear Announces Ultimate Drum Experience 2016

I just saw Mike’s video explaining what UDE is. I attended the Ultimate Drum Experience a couple of years back and it was a brilliant learning experience. It was well organised, the teachers were amazing and I got to learn about a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t have normally thought about. I really enjoyed my time on the course and would highly recommend it to any advanced drummers including teachers. For more info go to:

It’s Half Way Through January And I haven’t Blogged Anything In Yonks

This is the perfect opportunity to do one of those compilation type posts where I list a bunch of interesting things that have come to my awareness. Mark Kelso Recently I watched Adam Hay’s interview of a drummer named Mark Kelso, a very interesting bloke I never heard of. Suddenly Mark Kelso is all over the place. He’s has fantastic technique and great feel. His DVD is due out and the title alone makes me want to check it out… Read More »It’s Half Way Through January And I haven’t Blogged Anything In Yonks

Drum Chart For Ryan Higa’s GTFO MY Room

This is a drum chart transcribed by my student Franco. He’s a talented guy and has great reading chops so we’ve been working on transcribing stuff. This is his first full chart. It was created using the free Musescore application which is a full featured music notation package. I’d never heard of Ryan Higa prior to this project but the sentiments expressed in the song are likely familiar to anyone who has experienced the joys of adolescence. Here’s the PDF:Ryan… Read More »Drum Chart For Ryan Higa’s GTFO MY Room