Joe The Drummer

Avoiding Avoidance

Here is an interesting article about not avoiding those challenging things we should be doing (like, er, posting on one’s blog…). “Do you ever dodge your creative work? Say, your practice time arrives, and you race off to do some chore. It might be a chore that you detest, but now it calls to you. Then, instead of refining your music, you start cleaning the house or doing whatever”

Interview with Recording Legend Steve Albini

Here is an interesting interview with Steve Albini. Mr Albini is famous for recording In Utero for Nirvana and annoying the band’s management and label for making the record the way the band wanted it instead of how the accountants wanted it. Here’s a Pixies track recorded by Steve Albini to give you a taste of his studio chops.

Do music artists fare better in a world with illegal file-sharing?

An interesting article on The Times website suggest that music artists are seeing growth in revenues even as record industry revenues plummet. As a struggling musician, this is the kind of news I find encouraging. It seems to me that if the business model for selling music copied on to a physical medium (wax, vinyl, CD etc.) is no longer relevant, let it die. Recorded music can not be protected from copying without introducing draconian controls over data sharing which… Read More »Do music artists fare better in a world with illegal file-sharing?