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What I’m Listening To This Week – Clutch

Having worked on the groove on Clutch’s Burning Beard, I got the album, Robot Hive /Exodus. John Paul Gaster is a great funky drummer. Check out 10001110101 for some fabulous groove playing.

In a slightly mellower vein, I have been learning Grant Green’s Ease Back with the wonderful Idris Muhammad laying down some very tasty, loose and fluid grooves. The main groove is in Todd Bishop’s 100 Grooves. Or you can get it off his blog here.

And in a slightly less mellow vein, I met Oded Kafri yesterday who is a street drummer and a very energetic performer. He kindly gave me a copy of his CD, Rhythm For Dancing Lessons Vol. 2. It’s a percussion-based album with a selection of tracks with different feels, time signatures and tempos. As well as being useful for dancers it’s perfect for a drum and/or percussion jam. I’m going to have a play along later.

Check out Rhythm For Dancing Lessons Vol. 2 on