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One of the greatest bands I know

OK, I am being a very slack blogger. Here is a little something to keep things moving – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with the fabulous Steve Ferrone. The story goes that when the band went in to record Wildflowers with Rick Rubin they were looking for a new drummer. They auditioned tons of drummers (yes, we are measured by the ton) at the recording studio. Mr Ferrone showed up and they played through this song. “It’s a take!” said… Read More »One of the greatest bands I know

Practice; what it entails and how to do it effectively

If you want to get good at your instrument, practice is the key. Not just any practice, mind you, but well planned and focused practice is required in order to make good steady progress. Here is a great article I came across with some great advice from a fellow drum teacher in Australia. Practice; what it entails and how to do it effectively PT1 Practice; what it entails and how to do it effectively PT2

Drumset For Beginners

“The Drummers’ Guide to Teaching and Learning the Drumset” The first line of this post would be easier to write if I could remember where I first came across this book. Suffice it to say that I read a couple of reviews and in a rare moment of extravagance, I ordered it. Drumset For Beginners by Paul Hose & Jim Farey sets out from the very beginning to put the creativity of the student (and necessarily the teacher) at the… Read More »Drumset For Beginners

Skamonics Gig

Had a great time playing with the Skamonics who have me sit in when their drummer, Mark, can’t make it. The Skamonics are one of the UKs top Ska function bands playing a mixture of Ska standards and Skanked-up pop tunes. With a top brass section out front, you can’t beat ’em. The band were on top form and the wedding guests had a fab time. It was a good time to try my 13″ DW Collectors Maple snare which… Read More »Skamonics Gig