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What I’m Listening To This Week

What with getting into Afrobeat and, obviously, the fantastic drumming that comes with it, I have had some Fela Kuti in my earplugs this week.

Tony Allen is playing some very busy stuff, variating in every bar and at the same time driving the groove without any bumps.

Once I’ve soaked this stuff up some more, I am going to write down my thoughts on learning to play in this style. There doesn’t seem to be too much material in the wild studying Afrobeat drumming.

Here’s something I stumbled upon on Youtube. I love Justin Townes Earle, we saw him playing at The Union Chapel a couple of years ago. I’m always impressed by people who can perform solo, without any hands to hold or shoulders to lean on. I’d hate to perform without the protective shield of the drum kit.

Dig Justin’s incredibly percussive thumb.