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Tinnitus Awareness

I just discovered last week was Tinnitus Awareness Week from a fellow Tinnitus sufferer. I think we can remain aware of Tinnitus even after the week is over.

Tinnitus is a noise you can hear which has no external source. I have a high pitched whining in my ears which is loud enough for me to hear even during conversations. Fortunately, I find it reasonably easy to accept although the absence of silence can be distressing at times and some sufferers find the condition very distressing.

As far as I know, the likely cause of my Tinnitus is hearing damage incurred as a result of years of listening to Walkmans (a type of ancient iPod…), stereos, studio monitors, drums, guitars, basses and a million other noisy things. I love loud music!

For twenty years it never occurred to me that I was exposing myself to hearing damage. Now I wear earplugs whenever I’m exposed to loud music or other noises.

Here’s the article I read about Tinnitus Awareness Week.

For more information look at the website of UK charity, Action on Hearing Loss: