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Drum Technique

WipeoutDiddles Sticking Exercise

A quickie for you: I was in the drum room the other day and was enjoying listening to a band playing some familiar covers one of which was the Ventures’ surf classic, Wipeout. Here’s a way of playing the pattern that happens in the solo drum break using paradiddles in a pattern that switches lead hands every two bars. Once you can play the pattern competently, do it with flams for the accents. Scroll down the page to hear the… Read More »WipeoutDiddles Sticking Exercise

Playing From The Foot – Rob Brown Lesson On Tightening Your Groove

Here’s an idea I know about already but I didn’t know I know about it. I play from the foot but I can’t say that I’ve ever articulated this to myself, it’s just something I do that probably relates to playing a lot of funk, or something. Anyway, a great video from Rob Brown explaining how focussing on the placement of our bass drum strokes will tighten up our grooves.

Bass Drum 16ths Excercise

Here is a page of exercises I wrote tonight for a student who is developing their right foot. We worked on playing two sixteenths using heel-up and heel-toe. I thought it might be useful to post the sheet up here. I would start playing at 60 BPM to ensure that all the strokes are lined up. Count out loud and think about the balance between bass snare and cymbals. Play the bass sixteenths nice and even. Bass Drum 16ths –… Read More »Bass Drum 16ths Excercise

Murray Spivack: A Lesson With Louie Bellson

As a teacher I find myself having to deconstruct the familiar techniques used in drumming in order to explain them to my students. I find myself fascinated with the different types of grips and strokes and realise the process of honing one’s knowledge about the subject is never ending. Murray Spivack: A Lesson With Louie Bellson is a DVD I recently stumbled upon which shows drum legend Louis Bellson recieving a lesson from the hugely influential drummer and teacher Murray… Read More »Murray Spivack: A Lesson With Louie Bellson