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Drum Technique

Paradiddle Ghost Notes Exercise

Improving Your Ghost Notes With The Paradiddle

Here’s an introduction to how we can use paradiddles in a groove context and make patterns with which we can practice and improve our ghost note playing. I demonstrate how to make grooves with the single Paradiddle and its three permutations and use those patterns between the hihat or ride and the snare to create busy grooves with soft and loud notes played on the snare.

Train Beat Snare Drum variations

Train Beat Lesson – Basic Snare Drum Variations

Here’s my latest video about the train beat. I made on years ago intending to follow up with a series of snare and bass drum variations. I wasn’t very productive YouTubewise though and it’s been waiting for me to get into the process seriously. The Covid thing has been a strong motivator for me to produce regular video content and so the world is about to get more Train Beat related video education content stuff. Here are a couple of… Read More »Train Beat Lesson – Basic Snare Drum Variations

Todd Bishop- Cruise Ship Drummer

Resting The Sticks On The Drums – Todd Bishop Understands

I love this post from Todd Bishop of the Cruise Ship Drummer Blog. Resting the sticks on the drum or pad is a terrible habit. Why are you putting your sticks on the head when you are not playing your instrument? Are the sticks so heavy? Are you sufferening from muscle atrophy? Are you not aware of what your body is doing? Learning an instrument is about awareness of yourself. I am perpetually telling my students off for doing it… Read More »Resting The Sticks On The Drums – Todd Bishop Understands

Thomas Lang On Foot Technique – No Drums Required

A million years ago I attended an intensive drumming course that Mike Dolbear put on. It was five days of study with a bunch of big name drummers including Billy Ward, Ash Soan, Thomas Lang and Phil Gould. There were also a swing class with Ralph Salmins that led to an amazing opportunity to study with Ralph one on one. I was not that enthusiastic about the Thomas Lang classes as my perception of him was of one of those… Read More »Thomas Lang On Foot Technique – No Drums Required

Some Tips For Playing Drums Softly

I am spending an increasing amount of time on my jazz playing and developing the ability to play softly. My rocknroll side is appalled at this but my inner Brian Blade is egging me on. One approach is learning to play with proper French grip which I just started working on with my teacher. The beginning of the journey is a bunch of odd exercises that came from Freddie Gruber. I’ve also been working on holding my sticks further up… Read More »Some Tips For Playing Drums Softly

Rob Knopper Shows Us 4 Steps To Build Machine-Gun Doubles

Here’s a great way of approaching double strokes. Rob Knopper explains a method to help you develop “machine-gun” doubles. In other words, a very even sounding double stroke roll. You need to figure out for yourself how you’re going to get the second stroke to be louder than the first. My doubles came together when I learned to use my middle finger as a spring. I can also use my fingers to help as well as a little whip of… Read More »Rob Knopper Shows Us 4 Steps To Build Machine-Gun Doubles

Charley Wilcoxon - Rudimental Swing Solos Cover

Learning Charley Wilcoxon’s Rudimental Swing Solos – Rolling In Rhythm

I haven’t done much by the way of learning drum solos such as those written by Charley Wilcoxon. I started learning Rolling In Rhythm and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I intend on working my way through the book slowly but surely. I’m not exactly sure what the end result is meant to sound like. There are a few examples on Youtube. This guy has the speed down, I guess this is how the marching drummer… Read More »Learning Charley Wilcoxon’s Rudimental Swing Solos – Rolling In Rhythm