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Todd Bishop- Cruise Ship Drummer

Resting The Sticks On The Drums – Todd Bishop Understands

I love this post from Todd Bishop of the Cruise Ship Drummer Blog. Resting the sticks on the drum or pad is a terrible habit. Why are you putting your sticks on the head when you are not playing your instrument? Are the sticks so heavy? Are you sufferening from muscle atrophy? Are you not aware of what your body is doing? Learning an instrument is about awareness of yourself.

I am perpetually telling my students off for doing it (and other horrific habits like resting the hand on the thigh inbetween strokes and slouching). But having seen many an illustrious member of the drumming community doing it including various marching drummers who’s form I would have assumed to be impeccable and even Bruce Becker (oh, the horror, the pain) king of beautiful drum technique, I thought I am probably just being a fusspot. But Todd has licence and he’s not afraid to use it. I feel validated by one of the drum community’s best bloggers.

Read his whinge here –

Thanks Todd.