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Murray Spivack: A Lesson With Louie Bellson

As a teacher I find myself having to deconstruct the familiar techniques used in drumming in order to explain them to my students. I find myself fascinated with the different types of grips and strokes and realise the process of honing one’s knowledge about the subject is never ending.

Murray Spivack: A Lesson With Louie Bellson is a DVD I recently stumbled upon which shows drum legend Louis Bellson recieving a lesson from the hugely influential drummer and teacher Murray Spivack who explains his approach to grip, fulcrum and stroke to Louis as if he were a beginning drum student.

I loved watching this video which softly reveals tremendous insight into our relationship with a pair of drum sticks and which demonstrates Spivack’s method “from the horse’s mouth” so to speak.

This is not going to be of great interest to beginners or people looking for a Jojo Mayer style of workout but of great interest who want an opportunity to see two old masters do their thing.