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Unique Drum Solos Lesson From Joe Crabtree

Joe Crabtree is the drummer with Wishbone Ash and seems to be a jolly nice chap. He offers a great selection of lessons on YouTube covering subjects from the rudimental exercises to musicianship and advanced drum kit technique.
I like his blog too.

I recently discovered this series of videos he made showing a series of solos he played on tour which he filmed and annotated so you can see what he’s thinking about as he plays the solo. The videos contain Joe’s comments about how he’s composing his solo, or not composing it, what ideas he’s trying out and where they came from. This is a brilliant idea and it’s very encouraging to watch someone who’s generous enough to share his experience with us, warts and all.

One doesn’t need to mention he’s rather a good drummer…

Check out Joe Crabtree’s Drum Solos From The Road series, it’s great.

The first of over thirty solos is embedded for your convenience.