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The Art & Science of Groove, Benny Greb’s Indigogo Project

20140705043405-05_bg_dvd2_teaser_v01_.Standbild014Here’s a cool idea:

Benny Greb is producing a high quality DVD via the crowdfunding site Indigogo. I think it’s a positive thing to produce this stuff independently.

The video pitching the idea sounds encouraging, there’s a few seconds of tap dancing which is an artform closely associated with the drum kit, according to Freddy Gruber talking on one of the videos I watched on Drum Channel recently. Then Benny talks about the myth of groove or musical feel being something you either have or you don’t have and how he wants to show us how this is untrue, that it’s something you learn. I think it’s true that some people are born with an innate musicality but me and Benny are in the camp of those who had to work on it.

I’m not sure the world really needs another drum DVD but it will be interesting to see if this project can deliver something fresh. For someone with an almost fetishistic compulsion to acquire drum education materials, it’s an irresistible proposition.