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Interview with Drummer Georges Paczynski

I’ll admit I’d never heard of Georges Paczynski before seeing this interview posted in my Facebook feed by the great street drummer, Oded Kafri. Paczynski talks about his love for jazz, for drumming and his philosophical outlook regarding pedagogy, human nature and the art of mastering oneself. The appearance of the interview coincided with a couple of students commenting on the philosophical nature of drum lessons so it seems quite apt to add here. This, I quote from the early… Read More »Interview with Drummer Georges Paczynski

Groove Lesson – Rich Woman by Li’l Millet & his Creoles

She got the money and I got the honey Rich Woman by Li’l Millet & his Creoles is a brilliant New Orleans R&B song I had to learn for my recent Astrojets gig at Ain’t Nothin’ But in Kingly Street. The groove is slightly quirky and the feel is amazing. There is little or no variation throughout the track. The drummer according to this source is Bartholomew Smith. Covers of this song were done by Canned Heat (whose version sounded… Read More »Groove Lesson – Rich Woman by Li’l Millet & his Creoles

How To Be A Disciplined Musician – Dante Roberson

Here’s a great talk about being a disciplined musician by drummer Dante Roberson. The meaning of discipline here is keeping time and playing for the song, not the other kinds of discipline many musicians have trouble with. Practicing playing to a click track is one of the most important things you can do as a drummer, if you don’t play impeccable time, what use are you? People like to moan about how using a metronome in practice or performance makes… Read More »How To Be A Disciplined Musician – Dante Roberson