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Groove Lesson – Rich Woman by Li’l Millet & his Creoles

She got the money and I got the honey

Rich Woman by Li’l Millet & his Creoles is a brilliant New Orleans R&B song I had to learn for my recent Astrojets gig at Ain’t Nothin’ But in Kingly Street.

The groove is slightly quirky and the feel is amazing. There is little or no variation throughout the track. The drummer according to this source is Bartholomew Smith. Covers of this song were done by Canned Heat (whose version sounded to me like it must have been the inspiration for I Wish You Would from Bowie’s Pin Ups Album but the original version of that song sounds like it’s related to Li’l Millet’s original Rich Woman and both were recorded in 1955 and I have digressed too far this morning to look into the matter) and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Also a famous cover by a guy who already gets far more publicity than he deserves and Alison Krauss.

Learn this and play along.

Li'l Millet - Rich Woman Drum Groove