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Modern Drummer Article On Learning Jazz

Here’s an interesting article from Modern Drummer that Jon McCaslin linked to in a recent post on his Four On The Floor blog. It’s a bunch of drummers sharing their thoughts on the benefits in learning to play jazz.

These comments made by Marc Dicciani really stuck out:

9. Life skills: We play drums because we love it, but the world doesn?t need another drummer. What it does need are creative, problem-solving critical thinkers who can help transform society. I don?t want to get too philosophical here, but learning to play any music that requires a high degree of improvisation, spontaneity, and listening develops skills that are transferable into other areas of life. The following are just a few of the life skills heightened by learning to play jazz: working effectively as a member of a team; improvising and thinking creatively, spontaneously, and imaginatively; entrepreneurial thinking; a willingness to experiment and take calculated risks; adaptability; self-reliance; self-confidence; synthesis skills (combining different ideas and theories); self-awareness (knowing your role and respecting others); empowerment (enabling your own voice and contribution); resourcefulness and problem-solving (modifying, altering, and adjusting); a sense of being an originator (playing, designing, and building unique parts); and collaboration (working with others to produce something different or unique).

10. Respect and acceptance: Playing jazz is a form of a democracy, where each voice is equally heard and valued. This helps to develop respect for others, acceptance of other ideas, and tolerance for differences.

Do we need any other reasons?