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Charley Wilcoxon - Rudimental Swing Solos Cover

Learning Charley Wilcoxon’s Rudimental Swing Solos – Rolling In Rhythm

Charley Wilcoxon - Rudimental Swing Solos CoverI haven’t done much by the way of learning drum solos such as those written by Charley Wilcoxon. I started learning Rolling In Rhythm and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I intend on working my way through the book slowly but surely. I’m not exactly sure what the end result is meant to sound like. There are a few examples on Youtube.

This guy has the speed down, I guess this is how the marching drummer would execute it:

This guy has speed and great feel and fluidity (and cats):

Here’s a post on the Cruise Ship Drummer blog with an excerpt from Modern Drummer about learning this etude with Philly Joe Jones:

Finally, here’s my effort. I want to improve my speed and articulation and learn to play the Samba and Bembe foot ostinatos to go with it: