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I Have Joined The Ranks Of YouTube Drum Coverers

As someone who lived before there was such a thing as the Internet, I still find the notion of being seen by anyone anywhere in the world somewhat creepy. I normally share videos with people via file sharing services. But as internet users are migrating away from their desktops and laptops towards tablets, I keep getting complaints about not being able to view the videos I send. So I end up using YouTube because it seems to work on any platform. And once you’ve opened the floodgates, that’s it, I guess.

This is my first drum cover. I’m sure Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams is popular with drum teachers everywhere. I teach this to all beginners using a chart I got from the amazing

The lighting could be better and I synced the track to the video after the fact but I think it works alright. I am planning to do more videos in the near future as I am going to be setting up a multitrack recording facility in Colindale so I can track myself with some decent mics to go with the videos.

The audio of the drums is captured via the built in mics on my Q3HD video gubbins and after a little compression and EQ, sounds remarkably good. I think I must have been in my early twenties when I first heard myself professionally recorded. It was a big deal back then.