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Free Drum Course For Beginners on YouTUbe

How To Play Drums For Beginners

I finally got around to completing (more or less) the series of YouTube videos I started a while back in which I provide a ten step introduction to playing the drums aimed at absolute beginners. I’m going to add a couple more parts to include a song with stops and maybe a “what to do next” bit where I suggest how to proceed.

Part 1. Learn to play a basic 8th note beat with bass on 1 + 3.

Part 2. Learn to add another bass on the & of 1 and the & of 3.

Part 3. Learn some more beats and start improvising.

Part 4. Learning to count the bars.

Part 5. Play a fill.

Part 6. Playing the ride cymbal

Part 7. Expanding your bass drum vocabulary.

Part 8. Developing your fills using Takadimi syllables.

Part 9. How to play Stops and keep the groove.

Part 10. How to play a song.

Here’s a link to the playlist. Check it out and see how you get along. I’d love to hear if you followed and found this useful.