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Slow down to play drums well

How Practicing And Playing Slowly Can Help You Learn Drums

This is funny, I’ve just discovred that putting the word SLOW into the title of a YouTube video is a guaranteed path to obscurity. Why do we fear the slow so much? It’s one of the best ways to learn anything. Playing slowly allows us to assimilate new vocabulary in a relaxed an leisurly fashion. Playing slowly allows us to be aware of the way our bodies respond to different layers of coordination. Playing slowly allows us to observe how the placement of strokes on each drum or cymbal affects our tone. Playing slowly allows us to develop a deep awareness of time and how we relate to time as musicians. It strengthens our abilities to keep steady time. You can play something slowly and then switch to playing faster and often notice the difference straight away.

Go on. Have a go at playing something really slowly and see what happens. Dont be afraid. Slow down. Or watch this video first and then do it.