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Free Streaming of Fela Kuti Albums

I just discovered that a load of Fela Kuti albums have been made available to stream on Bandcamp. This is a great opportunity to listen to an amazing collection of music. Since I have been discovering Afrobeat and Tony Allen’s drumming in particular, I will be trying to hear as much of this stuff as I can.

When I first found the Bandcamp page I clicked on the first item that caught my eye, an album called Teacher Don’t Teach Me No Nonsense (the title seemed appropriate…). The title track started with a familiar groove, the same that Eddy Hick (I think it’s he) plays on African Kings, one of the tracks that brought me to Afrobeat and the first one I wrote about here. The drums start the track and when the other instruments come in, it’s clear that the One ain’t where you think. I’ll do a post about it in due course.

Check out the Fela Kuti Bandcamp page here: