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Drumstick Technique Playalong

Drum Stick Technique For Beginners Basic Practice Routine – Playalong

Here’s video number three about basic drumstick technique for beginners. It’s pretty long. I need to work on shorter videos in future. I’ve done my best to present this material as I do to my students. Once you’ve understood the explanations of the exercises, you can just do the playalongs skipping all the waffling.

I think it’s worth trying to understand the concepts I elucidate upon here as you start your journey with drumming. It takes time and attention to understand what we’re trying to do. I believe if you do your best to pay attention to the details from the start it will make things sound better and give you a great foundation.

Please comment and like and so on or get in touch if you’d like to ask about what I’ve presented here.

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