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Can’t Hurry Love Beat

I recorded this for one of those video montage thingies they are all doing these days. My colleague Rodrigo and me are doing a free online music class demonstrating the bits for some of our favourite songs. We will be inviting the attendees to contribute to group projects involving playing and recording. The classes will take place every Thursday at 17.00 on Zoom. Please contact me if you’d like to join in. Here’s a PDF with the beat written out… Read More »Can’t Hurry Love Beat

Composer David Bruce on Percussion in Western Classical Music

I love David Bruce’s videos. He talks about Western Classical music composition and theory, the history of music and the broad influences incorporated into modern music making. Even when the topics are beyond my comprehension, I enjoy watching his videos and picking up what I can. This video about the evolution of percussion in Classical composition is reeally interesting. Take a look:

Thomas Lang On Foot Technique – No Drums Required

A million years ago I attended an intensive drumming course that Mike Dolbear put on. It was five days of study with a bunch of big name drummers including Billy Ward, Ash Soan, Thomas Lang and Phil Gould. There were also a swing class with Ralph Salmins that led to an amazing opportunity to study with Ralph one on one. I was not that enthusiastic about the Thomas Lang classes as my perception of him was of one of those… Read More »Thomas Lang On Foot Technique – No Drums Required

Sounds Like A Drum – Tuning Essentials

I love the Sounds Like A Drum channel on YouTube. These guys really know their shit when it comes to making drums sound great. They explain everything from the way drumheads work, how to choose snare wires and fit them, how to tune for different sounds and styles, how to attain exotic sounds and so on. All of their videos are worth watching. Here’s a playlist featuring the essential tuning basics just to get you started. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYTmGAbCD30Mr1z_pgp3ypw

Some Tips For Playing Drums Softly

I am spending an increasing amount of time on my jazz playing and developing the ability to play softly. My rocknroll side is appalled at this but my inner Brian Blade is egging me on. One approach is learning to play with proper French grip which I just started working on with my teacher. The beginning of the journey is a bunch of odd exercises that came from Freddie Gruber. I’ve also been working on holding my sticks further up… Read More »Some Tips For Playing Drums Softly