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Brian Chippendale

Checking In At 20 – Documentary

A student turned me on to Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt recently. I love the chaotic noise and unbridled freedom of his playing. YouTube, eager to get me hooked into whatever the hell it is I’ve just looked at, showed me Black Pus, Chippendale’s one-man-band and then, somehow, to this documentary on Pitchfork about him and a bloke called Greg Saunier from the band Deerhoof. I don’t listen to much of this kind of expressionistic, arty rock these days (if I ever did), but I love what these guys are doing and saying. I am working on my technique with a particular attention to refinement these days and it’s easy to forget the object of what I’m doing is to be free to express some sort of artistic, creative spirit. These two drummers are all about the artistic, creative spirit. I love it.