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Chaffee Linear Patterns Lesson Video

Chaffee - Time Functioning PatternsI found this video demonstrating numerous ways to apply the linear sticking patterns from Gary Chaffee’s Time Functioning Patterns. The ideas are explained really well and the lesson gives a basis for much exploration. It’s a good idea with this material to work on one pattern comprehensively until you internalise the principles embodied in the variations. This will make it easier to hear the music in the other patterns and will make application flow more easily. Then again, you might prefer to work on one of the groove ideas with all the patterns and then try a fill on all the patterns and so on. Depends how you like to work.

The grooves and fills you can create using these patterns sound really cool and are great for developing fluidity, dynamics and control but I have often struggled find uses for linear patterns in styles I play. I quite fancy getting in to some of this and figuring out what I can do with it. Any suggestions welcome.