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Blair Sinta 21 Sounds With 1 Mic

21 Drums Sounds with One Mic – Blair Sinta

I’ve been enjoying session pro, Blair Sinta’s channel lately. There’s tons of great informaton about getting a sound with your drums. It’s all very useful, it’s about the creative process of recording, playing stuff that works for the music, using your tools intelligently and recognising the incredible variety of sounds we can create using out instruments and recording gear. In this video Blair shows us what it really means to understand our instrument and the studio. With just a humble… Read More »21 Drums Sounds with One Mic – Blair Sinta

Interview with Recording Legend Steve Albini

Here is an interesting interview with Steve Albini. Mr Albini is famous for recording In Utero for Nirvana and annoying the band’s management and label for making the record the way the band wanted it instead of how the accountants wanted it. Here’s a Pixies track recorded by Steve Albini to give you a taste of his studio chops.