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Blair Sinta 21 Sounds With 1 Mic

21 Drums Sounds with One Mic – Blair Sinta

I’ve been enjoying session pro, Blair Sinta’s channel lately. There’s tons of great informaton about getting a sound with your drums. It’s all very useful, it’s about the creative process of recording, playing stuff that works for the music, using your tools intelligently and recognising the incredible variety of sounds we can create using out instruments and recording gear. In this video Blair shows us what it really means to understand our instrument and the studio. With just a humble SM57, a bunch of recording and micing technology and a great imagination for mic placements, he presents 21 different sounds from classic rock to funk to hip hop to dancy electronicy sort of thingy. This is one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen that offers ideas and a real insight into the creative potential we can manifest through knowing our instrument deeply. By exploring the space, the effect of mic positon and using our ears in the studio and in listening intensely to a broad variety of musical styles, anything is possible!