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Beathaven – Good Riddance To The Old Music Business, Not

So I got a message via LinkedIn from a bloke promoting his website, It’s one of those sites where musicians can post their tracks and invite others to add parts to the arrangement. If your contribution is used and the track earns some money, you can get your slice of the pie. All very […]

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At Home With Hal Blaine

The Knack’s drummer, Bruce Gary famously said that he was never so disappointed as when he discovered that a dozen of his favourite drummers were Hal Blaine. The session legend and, I guess, the world’s most prolific studio drummer was a member of the “Wrecking Crew” who, among other stuff, were responsible for the sound […]

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Do music artists fare better in a world with illegal file-sharing?

An interesting article on The Times website suggest that music artists are seeing growth in revenues even as record industry revenues plummet. As a struggling musician, this is the kind of news I find encouraging. It seems to me that if the business model for selling music copied on to a physical medium (wax, vinyl, […]

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How to get ahead in the new music biz.

Here is an interesting article that prolific music industry pundit Bob Lefsetz linked in one of his emails.

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