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Avoiding Back Pain When Playing Drums

I just watched this very comprehensive video by a guy called Jai Es (pronounced J.S. as far as I can tell) about looking after your back when you’re playing the drums. I always emphasise good posture and learning how to play in a relaxed fashion. Young people in particular don’t seem very interested in the importance of maintaining good posture and playing without harming themselves because turning 40 is still a long way off and our natural frailty is almost impossible to imagine until it manifests itself in aches and pains.

I would also recommend taking a look at Jai Es’ other videos, his channel is chocka block with great drumming advice and excercises –

I guess I should point out that although the advice here looks sound to me, I have no credentials whatsoever as a back-care expert and have no idea if Jai Es has either. So it’s important to learn to observe how drumming affects your body.

Now watch this: